Sunday is do nothing day

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But of course the body keeps moving.  Even when not at the gym, we do things that make the body sweat, heart race and breathe deeper.

For me, it was painting and moving bedroom furniture from one room to another.  Priming, dusting, taping, painting, sweeping, mopping.  Then of course never ending laundry.

This just goes to show that you can burn calories and work up an awesome muscleburning sweat doing everyday, functional activities.


Friday Again

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I did cardio today at the gym.

30 minutes slow walking on the treadmill.  I didn’t want to be smelly when my client showed up for her session.  After I trained her(back and biceps) I did 45 minutes on the stepmill.   This was the first time I have done 45 minutes and my legs are really feeling it, especially my hamstring and glutes.  I love feeling my muscles have been worked out.

Tomorrow, I have a family that wants a joint session.  Mom, two sons ages 8 and 10, sometimes the 3year old joins the sessions, she likes the fitness rings that I use for dynamic squatting.

I have to plan for tomorrows session, to keep it interesting for the kids.


Tuesday, Day Two

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So, if you are  getting back into working out, just starting to workout or new to fitness.

Tuesday may seem like a harder day than Monday.  You may be unmotivated and not want to go to the gym.   You may be sore and moving muscles may be the last thing on your mind. 

Never fear, think positively!  Remember, baby steps.  Today is day two.  Trust me, when you finish Tuesday’s workout, you will feel good about how you stuck to the committment to yourself to workout on Tuesday!

If you have muscle soreness, figure out which areas are sore and avoid that area.  If your legs are sore, work your upper body, arms, shoulders, back, chest abs.  Or, just have a cardio day, just a pilates day, just a day of stretching or meditating.  Again, when you spend 30-60 minutes of activity, it is always better than doing nothing at all!    Whichever activity you choose, when you finish it, pat yourself on the back.  Water never tastes so good after a workout.

Don’t ruin your workout by ingesting a heavy fast food meal.  Think healthy eating.  Healthy does not equate boring! Proteins like fish, eggs, beans, peanut butter, etc.   Whole wheat grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Research healthy food sites to see what is good for you and what is much better for you!