Monday Musings

In Uncategorized on September 14, 2009 at 8:25 pm

I always love that song by BoomTown Rats”  I don’t like Mondays”.

The weekend is over, and it’s Monday.  Not so bad, at the gym trained one client today.  She is coming along very nicely.  Never had a weight issue, but we did nip that lower back pain in the bud.  She actually forgot about it until I asked her about it.

Usually, when people have lower back issues it may be caused by tight hamstrings and weak abdominals.          The first course of action, after sufficient warm up is the stretching.

I will do a session of stretching and Muscle Activation Techniques.   This will induce some muscle soreness after the workout.  It is like lifting for the first time, the muscles haven’t been “activated” in a particular way.  So, again we take baby steps into getting your body to be stronger.  Using bodyweight, bands, swissballs, weighted balls, etc.

It will take any combination of all, more or less of the above stated equipment.



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